Computer Repairs

We repair all makes and models of desktops, laptops and convertible computers. Rest easy knowing that a knowledgable technician with years of experience is taking care of your system.

At The Tech Fix we strive to make sure a complete and thorough diagnostics is completed before any repairs are done. Giving you the information you need to make a decision regarding repairs.

There is nothing we can not handle. From virus removals, hard drive replacements, motherboard replacements, software issues and even board level repair! Got an issue no one can figure out? Drop it by, we love a challenge!

Virus Removal

New viruses, malware and ransomware are released everyday. It can be difficult for clients to keep their system properly updated and protected. If you happen to get a virus or malware infection you can be assured that our technicians have the experience needed to properly remove all virus traces. Assuring your systems are virus and malware free and providing peace of mind.

Once your system is back to being virus free we encourage our customers to take advantage of one our Managed Service Plans. This allows us to take a proactive approach to keep your system virus and spyware free. We will monitor your system and perform necessary updates and maintenance to assure you do not get infected again. If a new virus does get by and is not caught by our protections put into place we will remove it for free under all our managed service plans! Contact us today to see how you can keep yourself protected.

Software Repairs

Over time your computer can accumulate junk software or become corrupted from damaged updates, power failures while running, or simply corrupt software installs. We have the experience and tools needed to properly diagnose these issues and get your system back up and running like it should. Sometimes it is best to perform a clean re-install of the Operating System to bring it back to speed. In these cases we are able to make full backups of all customer data, perform the re-install, install all drives, updates, basic software package, and restore the customers data back to the system. Leaving the customer with a system that is running like new.

Hardware Repairs

Unlink other computer repair shops we understand that you may not be ready to purchase a new computer and it may be more cost-effective to repair you current PC. You can be confident knowing that our goal is providing the best solutions for the client, not our bottom line. While other shops may use any hardware failure to justify a new PC purchase, we will give our clients all options and our honest professional opinion on whether it is time to purchase a PC.


Looking to get more life out of your computer? From memory upgrades, solid state drives and processor upgrades there are options available to get more from your system. We are able to check over your system and make recommendations to get your computer up to date. Breathing new life into the computer and many times giving you a computer that is much faster than a similarly priced new computer.